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Today in Literary History...December 14, 1907: Rudyard Kipling receives the Nobel prize for literature, the first English-language writer to do so.ud

Saturday, July 24, 2010


This blog is public.

I put it out there on all the major social media--Facebook, Twitter, sometimes others.

But how often do I really expect friends (I mean people I know face-to-face) to read it?

Yesterday at work, a friend said, "Are you Southern City Mysteries?"  He had seen the blog before, but hadn't put it together that it was actually mine and not just something I link to Facebook every once and a while.

And it felt...weird.  It was almost like my pretend life was meeting my real life, or like I was some strange breed that had just been discovered and marked for research.  And I didn't know what to do!  It was silly to be embarassed.  I mean, why else would I blog and Facebook and Tweet if I didn't want people to know?

Have you ever had a secret discovered?  If it was writing, how did the emotions mesh?  Were you excited for people to know or more embarassed that the secret was out?

FYI--today in history: Machu Piccu "discovered" by an American archeologist in Peru in 1911.


  1. Michele - Oh that is interesting to have someone in your face-to-face life read your blog. A few people I know in my face-to-face life read my blog, but in the main, that doesn't happen. When I first started writing, I didn't tell anyone at work until my first novel'd been published. So in that sense, it was a secret, but since then, I've told a lot of people; You have to get the word out, or that's what I think...

  2. When I started Blogging, I tried to get people at work to read, and only a few did. A couple of those started their own Blogs, and now we discuss it at work. It's very club-ish :)

  3. Some co-workers discovered my blog because they were curious about something on my FB page. They thought the idea was great but don't follow because they don't write. I wonder sometimes if they lurk.
    Giggles and Guns

  4. I get very self conscious when I find out that family members read mine.

  5. I'd be embarrassed! I don't want the two worlds colliding! I have two Facebook accounts. No one in 'real life' knows about my 'writing life.'

    Kiersten White actually posted on this same topic this morning. You might find it interesting:


  6. something similar happened to me back when I was at college. During the exam one of my professor told me WELL YOU MIGHT MAKE A PARALLEL BETWEEN THIS BOOK AND MODERN SHOWBIZZ SINCE I KNOW YOU'RE AN EXPERT IN HOLLYWOOD. I was shocked because he always seemed as a very cold and reserved teacher who doesn't pay much attention to students, so I didn't know that he read our student magazine and that he knew I was the film editor in it :)

  7. You mean he didn't notice your photo?

  8. I've never had that experience, but I imagine it would be a bit surreal at first...and then highly gratifying (especially if the person like what they read).

  9. That would be odd - no one I know in the 'real' world reads my blog. Only my immediate family knows I write at this point. I imagine it would throw me off for a bit - I'm pretty shy in that real world :)

  10. I had one really bad experience where a co-worker was secretly reading my blog, and once threw something I said (or didn't say) at my face when we were having a professional discussion. How he found the blog, I really don't know. This was in the first few months, when I was averaging one comment in ten days.

    But even now, I wonder if anyone else from my real life knows about this.

  11. Sometimes I'll add a tagline to the email of an acquaintance with my blog on it (easy way to tell someone I'm a writer). Then, later, when I'm checking my blog stats, I'll see the number of people following me from the Charlotte area--and, yes, it does make me surprised. But I figure most people that I know will read my blog just once in a blue moon...or maybe just one time out of curiosity, since the blog is really for writers.

  12. Margot- A part of me wishes I had waited...Now everyone asks and I feel like they expect a lot out of me!

    Will- That sounds pretty cool. I think most face-to-face people think I'm a dork!

    Mary- I have a friend who lurks, but she doesn't do it creepily. But I know what you mean!

    Jamie- I totally get that. Family is too close!

    Corra- Two accounts--I should have done that! And thanks for the link.

    Dez- That's hilarious! Just when you think you know someone...

    Alex- I know, right?

    DL- That's always the question, isn't it? And one you can't ask.

    Jemi- It is much easier to be outgoing on here--you have that right!

    Rayna- That's just unprofessional on his part. Strange feeling, isn't it? I mean, the Internet is a public place!

    Elizabeth- I have the link as a tag on my emails, but I'm thinking of taking it off. Just too weird.