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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Picture of the Week

So, I'm not hopping around the blogosphere today, but the No Post Saturday thing wasn't working out so well.  I mean, what kind of a post says it's not a post?  I get the confusion, I really do.

My new Saturday series is 'Picture of the Week.'  I'll scour the Internet for something interesting--usually something I see on one of your blogs or sites.

For the first installation, I bring you something colorful, something simple, but something oh-so-pretty.
I found these fancy key fobs at my friend Rachel's blog, Olivethebeach...and then realized I could actually buy them at her Etsy shop!  The picture appeals to me for its lineup of color and pattern--especially the black thrown in to darken the mix.  I also love the way they aren't aligned, as I hate symmetry (except when I hit my elbow, then I have to hit the other elbow, see quirks post for more).

As for the product itself, I think anyway someone can set themselves apart is fantastic.  Who doesn't have a set of keys they carry around?  Personalizing is one way we make a claim on life.

I hope you have a colorful Saturday.


  1. You need to wack both elbows? You're a funny duck, Ms Emrath. What's with the 1st comment? I sometimes get those just-squares, and when I track it back, more of the same.

  2. Will- I am odd, but aren't we all in our way? Yes, very philisophical this AM. Those squares are usually Asian porn sites--I just delete them forever!

  3. They are very colorful and remind me of the eighties. Oh lordy, please tell me we're not going back there.


  4. Picture of the week is good. And limitless!

  5. I love when artists and craftsmen make something out of nothing :)

  6. A first glance I thought they were belts.
    Love all the colors. Happy to look at.

  7. I don't believe it. When I knock my elbow, I have to knock the other one too- for luck!

  8. I'm all for a cool photo every weekd!

  9. Like the black one, my favorite color >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  10. Great artistic eye! It's the dark one in the last third of the row that sets it off.

  11. The picture of the week is causing some very far out flashbacks. Don't think I should be out driving this weekend. Better stay home and groove on the colors.

    Stephen Tremp

  12. For someone who hates symmetry, you sure did marry your opposite. Russ has been a "line-em-up" guy since I was born. It makes me wonder which way the munchkins are going to go... in a line or in a pile? Regardless, they're stinkin' adorable.