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Thursday, June 3, 2010

How do you Blog?

This is an important question.  It's one I've seen on the blogosphere a lot lately.  In fact, I found the following list of questions on Maribeth's Giggles and Guns, which sent me back to the Spunky Queen herself, L. Diane Wolf.  We all blog to reach out, create a community.  There are no rules, which is nice.  But there are some unspoken courtesies.

Here is how I blog...

How often do you blog?
Every day, with few, unplanned exceptions.  I recently changed to take Saturdays off, but a post still goes up--the No Post Saturday picture post.  Since this doesn't actually make sense, I'm going to do a picture of the week type post on that day.  Look for it Saturdays!
Do you have a schedule?
Some weeks yes, mostly no.  I do have several guest bloggers and authors come by occasionally.  I love to have new authors on, b/c I love to help them get the word out there about their books.  After all, I hope someone will do the same for me one day.

How do I follow/read?
I follow using the follow gadget in the sidebar.  I like this gadget b/c I can see automatically if anyone else I know is following the same blog--it creates an instant community and shows appreciation for one's readers.  I read using the blog list on my own blog...to the right, if you'll be so kind to turn your eyes.  I have it divided by mystery and non-mystery blogs, though I have thought about changing this.  I also have a movie blogs section, since I love movies and there are so many tie-ins with books.  These lists update as the blogs update, so on a given day, I'll see entirely different blogs listed than on another.  I like that uncertainty of what will pop up.  I also use the Blogger Dashboard, if a headline or picture catches my eye.
Do I comment?
I always comment.  If I was there, I want them to know their writing was read and appreciated.  I can at least say "Interesting post," "great topic," etc.  I also leave a link to my blog, so it spreads the word.  A little self-promotion isn't a bad thing.

How do I comment?
See above.

Do I answer comments?
Yes, especially recently.  I was great about this at first, then waned as life got crazy.  I always try, even if it's the next morning when I catch up.  But I do so on my blog.
Do I visit the blogs of the commenter?
Yes.  This is easy for me b/c they're usually some of my favorite blogs to visit!  Do I visit commenters' blogs every time they comment?  The only reason not is that I don't get to visit blogs every day.  I have two young kids, a freelance job, etc.  (Right now I'm tping one-handed w/ a giggling 2yo in my lap.)  But I want to!

Last week I posted about comment responses.  For my take on the email/comment-on-blog debate, click here.

Is there anything you would like me to change?  How do you blog?


  1. Since the purpose of my blog is to keep me on a steady writing schedule, I blog every day. Usually progress reports, but I'll also add some articles and opinion or analysis bits.

    I use both a feedreader and the Google follow widget. A feedreader is necessary for non-Google blogs, and also particularly useful for blogs that aren't updated as often, since it lists the last several posts and you don't have to worry about missing someone. The main problem with a feed is that you have no idea who is following you, so you can't visit them in return.

  2. Michele,
    Thanks for the mention and for following. I really appreciate it.
    You guys who post every day make me feel guilty. I am going to try to build up to that. Will always leave Sunday out because the family is just too crazy.
    Really like that Mystery list being separate. Can I copy you?
    Giggles and Guns

  3. Just so you won't feel guilty - my blogging is somewhat inconsistent. I wish it were more consistent, but the nature of my blog is more random. I use my blog to post articles on things I learn and all those weird, personal, political, and homeless stories and poetry that leaks out of my head.

    All things aside, I like to post on a rough three-day-a-week schedule, but sometimes life, family, and other writing projects get in the way. It's wrong, I know, but I really have to work hard to make the time for fiction writing.

  4. Yes...I would like to see you blog multiple times EACH DAY! :) Just kidding. My hats off to anyone who can blog on a schedule!!

  5. Daring- I didn't know that about the feedreader being necessary for non-Google blogs. Thanks for teaching me something! I wonder if the "Subscrive to the Mystery" gadget I have at left covers that?

    Maribeth- My Sunday post is gathered during the week: a roundup of links I find. So when Sunday comes around, I just hit post! And copy away. I have certainly used ideas passed on by others.

    JL- I'm afraid if I go to three days a week I'll get to sporadic. I think trying to get SOMETHING on every day encourages me to write and at least keeps up a certain following. But I certainly know how hard it is to juggle it all.

    DL- Ha! I have nothing more to say to you at this time. :P

  6. I blog by performing a handstand half drunk and typing with my feet. Whatever comes out I publish the next morning as new age genius, and criticize those who don't understand it. Citing them as incompetent, and out of touch.

    Or I just do things normally. I write most of my posts about 10pm the night before. Schedule them up for 8 in the morning. The only exception to this is when I have an event going on, I publish way ahead of time so I don't go mental.

    Or if I have a stupid idea for a post I just can't say no too, I'll do that as well, then debate what day would be optimal for it. I'm always trying to think about 4 - 5 days ahead. But having prescheduled post days like Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and most Saturdays does make things loads easier.

    As for how you blog. I say perfect. Keep it just the way it is :)

  7. I applaud those that can blog every day. I just don't have that much to say. Usually. But when I get started I don't shut up and. . .

  8. Thanks for the mention! Yes, this topic is popping up all over now.
    I still use my dashboard - if I put the 275+ blogs I follow in my sidebar, it would scroll forever!

  9. And we all really appreciate your comments. You're one of the blogs I visit everyday. I truly love seeing your posts come up.


  10. Sorry it's been awhile. How are you?

    My blogging schedule has changed and changed and changed again. I'm now down to M-W-F and it seems to be working. I try to read all my friends blogs and comment. I try to reach out to newer bloggers and make them feel welcome.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  11. I love that you usually answer comments that your readers have left underneath your posts, since there are a lot of strange bloggers who just don't that.
    The new black background is interesting, I hope it doesn't reflect your mood :PPP

  12. I blog frequently but not consistently except for Fridays when I do the Friday Challenge. That is somehow set in stone although not always a big hit. should change it to a Monday challenge perhaps but I don't want to. I also have the number two blog Living the so-called simple life and it is bit more relaxed. I do take blog holidays when I'm stressed about deadlines or away.

  13. I blog once or twice a week. I have fallen behind over the past two weeks though. Hoping to get back into the swing of things though. I miss it.

  14. Loved this! My blogging/commenting has become more sporadic lately. Things have gone wacko around my house. :)

  15. Hi, Michele. What a great topic! I was one of those who thought the work was done when the novel was finished. :(
    Of course, since I have only been doing this for four months, I only recently realized what all of you already knew, that the work was just beginning! LOL!
    Currently, I post once a week what I call, "Sunday Morning Musings", and then agonize if nobody drops me a line. I used to, anyway. Recently, the folks have been great to leave something, which I appreciate immensely. I posted a week ago, midweek, when a huge review came out for my Horror/Christian crossover, otherwise it has been just the Sundays.
    I work eleven hours each day, so there is only so much time; however, I make it a habit to browse the new posts since the day before and leave some comment or another on everything which strikes me as interesting or important.
    It's all new to me, and I am learning more and more each week. We'll see what next week teaches me!
    Take care.

  16. Good post again. It's so interesting to see how people treat the same toipc.

    I always post if I read a blog - to me it doesn't make sense to not comment - how else would they know I was there and enjoyed their post?

  17. Nice to get a peek at everyone's methods, I read from the Dashboard, and I usually post 2x a week, if I can. I like to read posts in the morning as I'm feeding Calli with the other hand. This usually gives me an hour maybe 4x a week), and I still can't keep up! My comments are usually short becaise, again, just one hand.

  18. Univarn- It's fun to come up with ideas, isn't it? That's what this is about: our space, our words. We're just lucky enough to have people want to read us.

    Jamie- It's a stretch sometimes, but in a good way. It stretches me to be creative, seek inspiration, and WRITE.

    Diane- I don't know how many of the ones I follow I have in the sidebar, but certainly not all of them. Which means: I probably need to find a better way to do it!

    Clarissa- Thank you! That is one of the nicest compliments I've received.

    Ann- Things change, this is true. I could see my blogging schedule changing in the future--hopefully b/c I have a big book deal and just can't possibly come off tour enough to blog every day! We can all dream, right?

    Dez- I was trying to make it more mysterious, but I don't know. Just playing. I was tired of pink...We'll see. I learned from you that it is so important to pay attention to those who comment. You are very vocal that you go back and read comment replies, and I never want to let you down!

    Jan- And then there's your new writing plan...That is a serious plan! Everyone should head over to Jan's blog 'Crazy Jane' and see how detailed it is.

    Ann- I miss it when I'm away as well. It's hard to compare to the community we have here.

    Kimberly- I hope it's wacko good, not wacko bad! I love your craziness. Your posts are some of the funniest I've read.

    James- We're all learning. At least its a fun subject, right? Good for you for concentrating more on the writing and life off the Internet. It is a hard balance to strike. And if I don't make it by to comment more often, please accept my apology. I have the real-life thing going on, too. We don't get breaks there, do we?

    Jemi- I agree with you there. I want the writer to feel the love!

  19. Great post Michele! I aspire to blog as often as you. For some reason, I will look up and it's a month later and the poor lonely blog is whimpering. I love reading your posts.

  20. My blog is just a big mess; no schedule, no purpose, other than having fun. I just write about whatever is on my mind. Non-profit, non-commercial; I stay away from ads and give-aways.

    I usually comment on blogs I read, just to let the author know I've been there. Being an anonymous blogger, I think I have a special responsibility of being friendly and polite. It's too easy in cyber space to be anonymous, rude and hostile.

    Cold As Heaven

  21. I like this post, it's so weird how blogging has taken over though. We now blog about blogging.