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Friday, September 16, 2011


"Amazon sells more e-books than hardcovers and paperbacks combined." ~Vanity Fair, October 2011

Facts like these who the future of the publishing industry.  And that's not a bad thing (though at one time I thought it was).  For Father's Day this year, I bought my husband a Nook.  We chose this e-reader for several reasons: size, touch-screen, weight, and ability to interface with .pdf files and library content.  (There was a little support-your-bookseller anti-Amazon in there, too.)

But my husband has had so much studying to do for his next level of work (CFP status) and sooooo many Economist magazines to read...that I've sort of stolen the Nook. :)  Which is funny, because you might remember I was very against the idea of the e-reader (especially in March 2010).

I love buying books with the touch of a button!  (Watch out for hidden fees and know this can get expensive if you add up your purchases.)  I love taking a handful of books with me on trips, but being able to hold them all in one hand!  I love swiping my finger across a screen to turn the page!  And, with the recent founding of e-lending sites like Lendle and Bookfriend, the future is here.


  1. I'm loving my Kindle. And I can't believe I'm saying that because I love physical books so much! Glad you're enjoying your Nook!

  2. I know my books sell more in ebook form than physical form now.

  3. I was really excited to read this and immediately went to Bookfriend to sign up only to find that all our books are listed as unlendable. Boo. :)

  4. You're an eBook convert - welcome to the club. I only read books on my iPad now.

  5. Haven't got hooked on ebooks yet, but I'm consuming quite some audiobooks on my iPod >:)

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