Fear in Writing: How many is too many?

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How many is too many?

How many different stories do you have working at once?

I seem to come up with all sorts of good scenes that would play into different plotlines...but I never finish one of them!  I know I need to just take something to completion (a problem of mine, really), but just can't for some reason.

Do you make yourself stick with something?  Do you work several manuscripts at once?


  1. I have three manuscripts on the go right now. I have one that is with someone who is doing a micro/macro edit - I will meet with her in a week and start to work making changes of both a grammatical kind and also with the writing and characterization but not so much with the structure (I hope) - then I will start the dreaded query biz. I have a mystery that is finished and has been read by my readers - it needs structural changes and I'm not exactly ready to do that - it is nowhere with no one at this time. arggh. Then I have a second mystery (same protagonist etc...) that I started two Nano's ago and has about 56 thousand words. I like it - but I have a HUGE plot snarl (why I won't do nano anymore) that I'm fighting with. There ya go!
    blogspot is doing its tricks again so I have to post as anonymous but I'm Jan Jan Morrison

  2. I am actively working on two novels currently. One is part of a series. I also have at least one play script in process at all times. I have several of a series of novels laid out, and I plug in stuff that I come across that fits into the series. Most is back-burnered. Occasionally something jumps up and becomes the key to finishing one.

  3. I can only work with one story at a time!

  4. I normally only work on one story at a time. That said I actually posted last night aout being distracted by two additional plots that have come into my imagination.

  5. Right now I'm working on two stories, my so-called novel, and a short story. I started to play around with some cool stuff that didn't work in 3rd person (for my novel), so I started on a short story in 1st person >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  6. Oh man, I work on too many manuscripts at the same time. I do it because sometimes I have a great idea for one of my novels and just have to write it down. However, I do try to focus on only one at a time.

  7. I usually do one, although I can write fiction and non fiction at the same time.

  8. I have one book in the virtual drawer but I'm going to go back to it. I have one that I'm doing serious revisions to. I have a mystery that I'm also working on - about on my third draft, I'd say. And I have another mystery that is 3/4s done. Oh, and an idea or two. eeek.