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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthdays are starting points

My baby, Natalie, is 3 today! As you can imagine, we are pretty busy making her happy and basking in the purple and pink glow of her presents.

Three is a whole new world. Three leaves the baby behind and embarks on the reality that is girlhood. Three means no more pacifier and, in Natalie's case, no more nap. Three means change.

Change is a great element to incorporate in your writing. It can be the catalyst for so many great emotional events. Birthdays, retirement, new jobs, graduations...these can all mean many things for your characters. Adding them to your story can create an explanation for emotional reactions and even a setting for cataclysmic events.

Do you include life-changing events in your writing? Do you make this a focal point for your story?

Happy birthday to my "baby," Natalie!

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  2. Michele - Happy birthday, Natalie!! Oh, and those are lovely 'photos!

    You're so right, too, about change. Whether it's a move, a birthday, a retirement or something else, it does have all sorts of effects, and those are so interesting to write about. Change really is an interesting plot point - thanks!

  3. Thank you, Margot. She is my sweet angel. Funnily, I haven't incorporated change in my current WIP.

  4. Happy Birthday Natalie! She's adorable! :)

  5. Hi, Michele. Happy birthday to the big girl!!
    I think as writers, everything and anything in our world is inspiration for a future story, character or scene..

    Have a great time, celebrating Natalie's birthday.


  6. I have to try that new Blogger extension.

    Happy birthday to the girl >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to Natalie. Love the photos.

    Thoughts in Progress