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Friday, January 21, 2011

My latest Obsession

Art.  I can't get enough of it!  I am an avid DVR-er of Ovation programming (Art of the Heist, Art Crimes & Mysteries, Betrayal: the Life and Art of Rudolph Bauer, and Trainspotting is coming soon!).  I pour through my almost-monthly ArtForum with eager to dog-ear fingers.  I devour any book, fiction or non, that includes art history.

My sister gave me the best Christmas present ever.  (If you'll remember from this very early post, she is great at giving gifts!)  She bought me a membership to the NC Museum of Art.  I can see gorgeous paintings and sculptures any time I want!

What do I do with this obsession?  Include it in my writing?  Go for a Masters in Art History?  Drop writing and see if I can make it as a curator or gallerist?

Hmmm...How do you incorporate your interests in your life?  Your writing?


  1. I vote for including it in your writing. Or, alternately, start a career as an international art thief. Either one. :)

  2. I am so constamtly caught up in my enthusiasms that this post really speaks to me. I try and make room for them in my life - learning to knit, to play the accordion, to find out about Rumi and it definitely leaks into my writing. My protagonists start taking care of chickens, they travel to Ireland and learn how to be black smiths, they are artists and so I have to learn about the art they are involved with. I start going back and forth between the fictional world and the real one - not even remembering which came first. This summer, the step-dot and I may take a black-smith course we just found out about. I have already researched this as in my first (sadly still shelved novel) the protag learned the art at an Irish abbey. I love being a writer because it gives me a reason to do what I WOULD do anyway and that is explore so many worlds. Yay!

  3. Michele - I know just what you mean about being passionate about something. And why not art? I say at least integrate it into your writing. How tres, tres cool!

  4. I'm a musician at heart and guitar playing is somethiing I do daily. Really don't have much music in my writing though.

  5. The 'Helga' collection by Wyeth toured through Charlotte about 6 or 7 years ago and I was on a big art kick at the time. I'm a huge fan of art in all forms and I have a plot involving an artist...I just don't have time to write it.

    Maybe a non-fiction book?

  6. Michele, you would LOVE the art galleries in England. Just love them!