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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn in...Your Writing

Ok.  Reload.  One of those times.  What is it with this season?  The parties the holidays the school activities...the stress!  How does anyone write in Autumn?

And yet it's my favorite time of year!  The colors are so inspirational.  I want to spend every moment in the crisp, cool air.  People are nicer, stores are happier, children are storing up the good points for Christmas (right around the corner, btw).

But this is the first time I've sat down to write anything in more than a week.  Sadness.  Even my reading has dropped off to an average of 1 book/1.5 weeks.

When is your "busy" season?  How do you get through it?  Do you stop writing for a period, or struggle through?


  1. Michele - Oh, I love autumn, too! I miss real autumn very, very much. Actually, I'm usually invigourated by autumn, so I'm more productive then. For me, summer is the doldrums, the time when everything takes longer and moves more slowly. Including my writing. I think I'm just storing up, you might say, for the autumn during the summer.

  2. Autumn is over, and winter has come in my place. Winter is the most busy time of the year, travelling to various skiing resorts with kids and following up their skiing practice and competitions. But it's a Hell of a lot of fun. That's why we're doing this, year after year >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  3. But autumn leads to glorious winter - not that we get one in the Carolinas.
    And I seem to be equal busy during all seasons.

  4. Each season offers me a period of time when writing doesn't happen. It may be a few days or a couple of weeks but the cycle is every season.

  5. I think every season is busy now. Alas writing seems to fall further down my list almost every day. The only saving grace is I have some time on the train now, as soon as I get around to picking up a lap top that time will be dedicated to writing.

  6. Everything is a struggle right now! Very, very busy. I'm hoping things will settle a bit in the new year (although maybe I'm dreaming!)

  7. Funny... I'm a SUMMER but I seem to start almost all my books (both physically writing them, and setting the story) in Autumn. I'm not my family's main nurturer--hubby cooks and homemakes, so i guess my only real extra work is Christmas shopping.

  8. As you, I love autumn. I even named my girl Autumn! ;)

    My busiest time? Well, I guess it's all relative for me. I make the time. I snatch any spare moment I have and augment it. When the kids are at school (though it's only half-day time), I write. When they are in bed, I write. If it's a weekend or holiday, we do what's called 'quiet time'. That's when the kids go to their rooms and read, write, draw, play...whatever pleases their creative minds and I write!

    I set timer for an hour and when it rings, times up. Dream over until bed time. ;)

    Thanks for this thought provoking post.

    Thanks for finding my blog and following it. You're so sweet!!!!

    ~Elizabeth :)