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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello, blog.

Ever feel like life interferes with your blogging?  Ha!  What a ridiculous statement!  Life--here defined as anything that happens in the physical world, not pertaining to the Internet or the computer--should interfere with blogging!

But what about when your own blog starts to look like a foreign space?  When you can't remember where you placed that Shelfari app or which links remain on your sidebar?  When you don't even check back on the day your post to see if anyone responds?

That's the way I feel.  I never realized how busy young kids could keep a person.  By the time I have a brief moment of solitude, putting my brain to use on this thing is the last thing I want to do.  A good book to take me away,  a TV show to relax me, or just sleep...aaahh, sleep.

I must also admit to you that I am a person of immediacy.  I like to do whatever I feel at the moment.  I hate schedules and commitments.  I like spur-of-the-moment decisions and spontaneity.  I will buck appointments till the last minute.

How does one reconcile this personality with the need to get things done?  Even the want to be better about blogging every day?  Impossible?  Maybe.


  1. Blogging for me is a fun hobby. I like coming to read other people's blog posts. I guess that's why I keep coming back.

  2. What you might consider is the next time you're in the *mood* to blog, try writing a number of posts at once--turn it into a blogging marathon. Then you can just set them to schedule at intervals--once a week, twice a week, etc. That might be a way to get the blogging done, but also give yourself time away from it. Sort of like those folks who do a month's worth of cooking in a day, then freeze until the day it's needed. :)

  3. Kids takes alot of time, for sure. It feels like the pressure is released when they get old enough to go to and from school alone, about 8-9 yo. Older kids also take a lot of time, but in a different and less stressful way >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. I enjoy the blogging - it's a habit. And I'm very much a creature of habit and routine.

  5. You can overload even on the things you love. A lot of bloggers are cutting back even though you can schedule ahead. No shame in that.

  6. My blogging has suffered recently too. I've had to cut down to two posts a week instead of three and I feel as if I haven't done any serious writing in ages. Life gets in the way and I hate that.